The hygienic Sauce Dispenser

Hovicon Sause DispensersTop quality often lies in the small details. Why not surprise your guests with a sauce dispenser that exceeds their expectations? Hygienic, accurate, easy to use and great to look at. This is the list of demands we refer to here at Hovicon to develop your sauce dispensers. Have a look around in our large portfolio!

Lots to choose for your new sauce dispenser

Our options are a pleasant surprise. You will find complete dispensers for dispensing cold sauces as well as sauces with chunks or syrups. Adding hot sauces is easily done thanks to our special sauce dispenser, which can handle temperatures of up to 120 Degrees Celsius. We deliver sauce dispensers with lever or button systems. You can purchase complete sauce dispenser systems, or browse for spare parts such as lids or bins. All Hovicon products comply with the international Gastronorm, ensuring you will always buy a product that meets your consumer needs!

Your global sauce dispenser

As a one-stop-shop we also deliver specific products. You can review our sauce dispenser for specific sauces or complete line-ups combining multiple sauces. These systems allow you to organize your catering in accordance with your needs as well as giving you the opportunity to offer your guests an even better experience.

We have over forty years experience in the development of dispensers for the catering and cleaning industries and we are an international leader. Our products, including the sauce dispenser and soap dispensers, are successfully deployed on a global scale.

Are you looking for more information about our dispensers such as the sauce dispenser, soap dispensers, button dispensers or lever dispensers? Please contact us by phone at 0031(0)23-558 1988, by fax at 0031(0)23-558 3606 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Every great sauce deserves a sauce dispenser made by Hovicon!